The Stuston Polling station - a caravan

The Stuston Polling station - a caravan

The Stuston polling caravan again

Beer-can dancing

Tina's boyfriend pretends to give the dog beer

The dog goes in for a lick

A bunch of bananas is brought out

Bananas are waved around

A no-hands 'pass the banana' game goes on

Bananas are passed around

Banana action

The banana winner

Tina gets a bit lairy

A pile on the floor

Bernie roams around with some cement

Bernie sticks some render up

SGR Radio DJ David Hoffman and his girlfriend

The Davids Hoffman and Cork

Corky and Linda

There's another cider night in Stuston

Brenda chats to Linda and David

Nosher's got a whole flagon of cider

Corky, Nosher and Geoff

Monique, Keith and Brenda in the kitchen

Scrumpy cider is drunk around the table