Sam and Steve

Sam and Steve

Sam looks through some of Geoff's photos

Sam looks at photos

Geoff and Sam in the gallery

Brenda and Geoff

Steve blows a kiss

Steve, Sam, Geoff and Brenda

In Pedro's

Geoff and Brenda

Nosher's in the photo this time

Steve and Sam with comedy hats

Geoff and Brenda do the Sombrero thing

Steve's had enough

Massive balls of ice cream

Steve licks his pudding

Post Pedro's, it's time for a play in the Chapelfield playground

Bright yellow daffs

Lines of daffodils

More daffodils

A huge field of daffodils

Billingford Windmill

Billingford windmill

Brenda and David's girlfriend

David Hoffman wildly gnaws on a chicken leg

Unknown and Nosher