The Newmarket Dog Show, Newmarket, Suffolk - 3rd April 1991

Tina, from work (BPCC Business Magazines in Colchester) has a pedigree Doberman which is entered in to the Newmarket Dog Show. It's a slightly mad occasion, as dogs of all sizes get their teeth brushed for the occasion and are then required to pose in odd positions for ages. Later, Geoff and Brenda are off to watch some off-road driving somewhere, so Nosher tags along. Finally, we have a small picnic with John and Sheila in a field somewhere.

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Tina points

'Doggy' Anne sneaks a treat for her Doberman

Tina and Anna, and almost-matching Dobermans

Crowds and dogs

More dog judging

Anne and Tina disucss something

A curious collection of Corgis

An old Ferrari comes to visit in Stuston

Geoff and Brenda rake up after the first cut of the year on Stuston common

John and Sheila turn up in their wagon. Geoff's already got the kettle on

George inspects a chicken leg as Brenda and Geoff eat their picnic

A Halesworth Tool Hire Suzuki gets stuck

Another little 4wd gets stuck in mud

A big V8 bulldozes through a muddy puddle

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Tina points