An "Above The Laundrette" Barbeque and a Raft Race, Diss, Norfolk - 2nd June 1990

Kenny has a barbeque in his flat, above the Laundrette on Victoria Road in Diss. The badders gang are in attendance. Later in the week, it's Nosher's first experience of a Diss Raft Race, where various ramshackle craft race around the Mere, and there's a bit of an event in the nearby park.

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Kenny pats some burgers together on his balcony

Crispy helps out by pouring a homebrew

Crispy, Theresa, Steve-O and Kenny eat burgers

Steve-O messes around with Sarah

Theresa, Steve-O and a toy gorilla

Kenny pretends to be some sort of monkey

Theresa, Crispy and Steve-O in a heap

Crispy, Kenny, Theresa, Sarah and Steve-O

Nosher and a set of cutlery

Kenny and Nosher

Nosher, in full crazy-jumper style

Sarah plays darts

Sarah tidies up

An RAF band

Massed RAF trombones

The RAF band marches around the park

Eddie the elephant, made entirely out of cans

A bright pink catamaran raft

Rafts whizz around the Mere

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Kenny pats some burgers together on his balcony