Pancake Day in Starston, Norfolk - 27th February 1990

Derek and Elteb Griffin - friends of Geoff and Brenda, Nosher's landlords - are having a bit of a pancake-related bash around their farmhouse in Starston, near Harlseton in Norfolk. Nosher's there in some suitably suspect "athletic" gear, and the event even makes it in to the local paper - the Diss Express.

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Some sort of raffle takes place

Derek reads out the winning ticket

Derek pauses to prop the farmhouse up

Derek checks the punch

Blobs of meat are handed out

Geoff, David and Linda

Snacks on the table

The raffle committee

A top up with the fruit punch

Derek gets a ladle-full

Brenda and Linda

Crowds in the kitchen

Elteb and Geoff

Elteb gets some practice in in the garden

The pancakers mill around outside - even the vicar's there

The ladies' team is ready for the off

Brenda (left) looks set to go

The ladies leg it down the lane

Elteb and Kim Archer run for it

Nosher in dodgy trackies and a hat

Geoff leads the men's race

Nosher and his frying pan

The Stuston phonebox - Nosher's connection to the world

The Stuston village sign

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Some sort of raffle takes place