Snow whirls around Membury Services on the M4

Snow whirls around Membury Services on the M4

The M4 slows to a crawl

Membury Services - petrol is 41.6p per litre, for actual 4 star

Karl locks up his car at Membury services. The sign in the background announces the as-yet unbuilt Travelodge

Dave in his Bristol digs, gas fire glowing

Dave in hist student-ey kitchen

A Bristol street scene

The Royal Oak, at Meavy

The dam at Burrator is in full flow

Burrator resevoir

Burrator Resevoir, with Sheepstor in the background

Karl climbs up the tor

The view from the top of Burrator

Dartmoor view

The hills of Dartmoor

Rolling fields


The river at Badger's Holt, Dartmoor

Back in the office, Monique shows off her new sprog

'Big' Sue, Steve-O and Crispy in the Printec offices

There's some sort of celebration slurp in the office

Nosher gets a kiss from Crispy and his tie chopped in half for some reason