A Stuston Bonfire Night, Suffolk - 5th November 1989

It's Bonfire Night, and Geoff and Brenda are having a bit of a do at their place

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Steve and Sam hold something up

Brenda's dishing out the onions

Sam waves a very smokey sparkler around

David Cork looks after the meat

Sam roams around with a sparkler

Sparkler action

Brenda waves a sparkler about

Sam gets a glug of home-made cider

A dude in the kitchen

Caught in the act

Sam, Sue and Steve

Steve gives it all the thumbs up

A table-full of food

Steve and Sam eat in unison

Sue tries to hide

Steve and Brenda try some random hats on

Multiple conversations

Steve, David, Sam, Sue and Linda in the kitchen

Nosher is perched up on the worktop

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Steve and Sam hold something up