Harrow Vineyard Harvest and Wootton Winery, Dorset and Somerset - 5th September 1989

After another year of pruning, rain and sun, it's time for the annual Harrow Vineyard grape harvest. Several tons of Muller Thurgau, Seyval Blanc and a couple of other varieties were driven by Nosher and Mike to Wootton Winery near Shepton Mallett in Somerset, which they turn in to about 10,000 bottles of crisp English white wine.

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Harold chats to Sis as Mother rummages around in the back the car

Harold hurls a bottle around

Mother fetches something out of the boot

Mike and Mother stop for coffee

Lunch break for the grape pickers

More lunch break

Hayley, Mike and Mother in the Three Tuns, for a lunchtime beer

Uncle Neil and Sis

Neil and Caroline pick grapes

Mike hauls around some crates with the mini Kubota tractor

Grapes are loaded in to the back of a transit van

More tractor driving

The Harrow grape harvest crated and outside Wootton Winery

Mike checks over the grapes

The Major pours something in to the top of a fermentation tank

Grapes are loaded in to a press

A pile of spent grapes on the floor

A wine warehouse

The Major talks to Mike, who's got a sample to try

Mike messes around with some fermentation tanks

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Harold chats to Sis as Mother rummages around in the back the car