Angela flakes out with the dog

Angela flakes out with the dog

Jane, Angela and dog

The dog gets some belly-scratching time

Angela looks for jobs in the paper

Angela and Jane

The view over Torquay

Angela with dog

Taking the dogs for a walk

Angela and Jane pause for a photo

We have a spot of lunch

Nosher's usual Pitt Farm bedroom

Oberon and the pony

Pitt Farm garages

Near Harbertonford, Ashprington and Tuckenhay

The Maltsters Arms, Harbertonford

Angela's car in Harbertonford

The road to Totnes in Harbertonford

Angela with Marty the dog

Shooing the dog away

Angela's mother - Diana - does the washing up

Angela plays around with Marty

Diana with Benjy, the three-legged cat

Diana and Benjy the cat

Angela keeps an eye on a barbeque

Listening to a ghetto blaster in the garden

Angela's dad, Bill

Angela brings out a plate of something

Diana does some watering

Oberon gets new shoes

The farrier sticks on a hot horshoe

Oberon gets an old shoe removed

The farrier does his thing

The front garden of Pitt Farm

A Devon sunset

Oberon grazes

Rolling fields of Devon

Angela says hi to Oberon's companion pony

Angela excercises Oberon on a lunge

Oberon tries to push over a garden fork

Angela rummages in the basement flat

Angela's Pitt Farm room

A silhouetted gate


Another dramatic sunset

Dobbs in the Wyndham Square kitchen