Uni: A Trip to Mount Edgecumbe, Cornwall - 17th June 1989

As part of a spate of events marking the end of the fourth year and the parting of ways, the gang head over to nearby Mount Edgecumbe House on the other side of the River Tamar, in Cremyll, Cornwall. After that, there are a few stray photos from the visit to the top of St. Peter's church tower in Wyndham Square, then it's all round to Riki and John's flat to watch "A Room With A View" for some reason. Then, there's another visit to the Who'd Have Thought It pub in Milton Coombe on Dartmoor.

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Riki, Dave and John outside the Edgecumbe Arms in Cornwall

Mount Edgecumbe gardens

Riki and John mess about in the gardens

Angela roams around with a camera

John Stuart near the Orangery at Edgecumbe

Angela roams around Edgecumbe House gardens

Edgecumbe House

John Stuart does a 'Samson' thing

John looks over as Angela and Nosher are reflected in mirror

Dave, Angela and Jackie get some sun

Dave, Riki, Angela, Jackie and John

Riki plays with a chair

Dave hides whilst Jackie pulls a face

John makes the tea

The view of the flat from the top of St. Peter's church

Another view of the flat

The church of St. Peter's in Wyndham Square

Moonrise over the Academy on Union Street

Angela sits on the wall at the Milton Coombe pub

Angela, John and Jackie cram in to a K6 phone box outside the Who'd Have Thought It

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Riki, Dave and John outside the Edgecumbe Arms in Cornwall