New Year's Eve at Hamish's, New Milton - 31st December 1988

It's New Year's Eve around Hamish's, at the house in New Milton. Highlight of the evening is when Hamish's dad fires up the bagpipes, and even wanders out on to the street for a couple of numbers

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Phil has a laugh

Hamish, Phil and Jenny - Hamish's little sister

Nosher and cat

Hamish and a box of Quality Street

Hamish tries to get Geordie to look at the camera

Jenny with cat, as Hamish's mother goes for a belly scratch on the cat's Secret Fur

Jenny entertains us with some guitar

Geordie and Hamish

John, Sean and Phil

A bit of a post part-popper hug

Phil, Maria and Sean

Hamish's dad - John - on the bagpipes

John strolls around the lounge playing the pipes

Outside the house, Hamish's dad pipes up for the neighbours

Romaing around the streets of New Milton with bagpipes

Group photo

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Phil has a laugh