Christmas at Pitt Farm, Devon - 25th December 1988

It's Christmas, and Nosher's over at Pitt Farm for the big day. Afterwards, it's down to Bransgore and Grandmother's house, for a meet-up with Mother, Mike and the relatives.

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Diana, Nosher and Marty

Gathered around the table for dinner

Diana, Helen and Pamela play Trivial Pursuit

Helen gets a wedge

Deep in to a game of Trivial Pursuit

Nosher (right, with eyes closed)

Angela opens a present

It's a camel puppet

Angela pauses for a photo

Bill crosses a stream via a stone bridge

Angela and her dad stump about

Diana, Marty and Angela

Bill hides behind Angela

Mike and Mother

Caroline and Neil

Neil, Caroline, Mike and Mother

Caroline, Grandmother, Neil, Mother and Mike

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Diana, Nosher and Marty