Riki does a table boogie

Riki does a table boogie

The dinner party

Angela checks the tunes

John, Chris and Riki

Angela, Nosher and Andy

John, Chris and Riki

Riki holds up a glass of wine

John's on the phone

John flakes out after dinner

Bill's barn, and a 1957 Ford Consul

Another view of the shed

Angela takes Oberon out for a stroll

A rugged-up Oberon outside Pitt Farm

Angela and Oberon at Pitt Farm

Bill and Diana chat to Oberon in his stable

The Dartington Cider Press Centre

Balloons are handed out

The Dartington Cider Press Centre

Angela and Diana down by the quay in Totnes

Angela and Diana

Nosher and Diana

Marty in the back of the Volvo

The Totnes post office

John looks at his parents' Christmas table

Angela's got a stash of peanuts

John makes the tea

John eats a biscuit

Nosher gets a kiss

John, Angela and Nosher

Just before we leave for Midnight Mass

Nosher looks at a picture

Angela waits for midnight mass

Jane, John and Angela outside John's house