Harbertonford and Buckfast, pre-Christmas, Devon - 24th December 1988

Nosher's over at Pitt Farm for Christmas. A few days before, there's a trip to the Cider Press Centre at Dartington and on Christmas Eve, we're over at John Stuart's parents' house in Buckfastleigh for Midnight Mass at Buckfast Abbey.

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The shed at Pitt Farm, with a 1957 Ford Consul

Another view of the shed

At the Dartington Cider Press Centre, balloons are handed out

The Dartington Cider Press Centre

Angela takes Oberon out for a stroll

A rugged-up Oberon

Angela and Oberon

Bill and Diana chat to Oberon, in his stable

John looks at his parents' Christmas table

John makes the tea

John eats a biscuit

Angela, Nosher and Jane

John, Angela and Nosher

Nosher gets a kiss

Nosher mills about just before we leave for Midnight Mass at Buckfast Abbey

Nosher looks at a picture

Jane, John and Angela outside John's parents' house in Buckfastleigh

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The shed at Pitt Farm, with a 1957 Ford Consul