Somans: Farnborough, Soman-Wherry and a Drum Kit, Hampshire and Norfolk - 15th July 1988

Nosher's around and about a bit, firstly down at Sean and Maria's in Farnborough. It's the week of Farnborough International Airshow, so there's lots of stuff around in the skies and on the ground - especially the huge Antonov AN-124 whose tail section is wider than the main wingspan of a nearby Airbus A-320. Then, there's a single photo from Dave's bedroom in New Malden, where Christos is also visiting. Finally, there are a few scenes from Norwich (including Soman-Wherry Press) and Aylsham, and some of Nosher and Martin on the drums. Martin's drum kit was set up in the spare room at Sewell's Cottage, which was great for a thrash along to live Genesis when no-one else was in (Nosher's old B&O stereo was set up in the room for this purpose).

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Sean in his lounge

Sean and Maria, and a roast dinner

A spot of washing up

The huge Aeroflot Antonov AN-124 is towed around

An Airbus A320. This was the year this aircraft was first delivered in to service.

The Antonov back in the display arena

Dave and Christos Zarakovitis in Dave's bedroom

Leslie on the Linotype machine

Leslie pats his Linotype

'Check it out' Baz and Simon 'Burton' Berry in Nosher's second office (in the factory building)

A particularly busy Gentleman's Walk in Norwich, as people watch a robot dude outside Littlewoods

Norwich bus station, and a National Express coach

The old Norwich Market

A couple of horsey girls

Martin on drums

Martin gets stuck in to a drum solo

Martin throws a drumstick in the air

Nosher paradiddles (or something)

Nosher plays drums

The washing hangs out in the garden at Sewell's Cottage

The church at Aylsham

Aylsham churchyard

Market Square, Aylsham

A fruit stall in Aylsham

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Sean in his lounge