A Trip to the Beach, Cromer, Norfolk - 6th July 1988

Nosher, Martin and Emma head up to the beach at Cromer to hang around for a bit.

next album: Somans: Farnborough, Soman-Wherry and a Drum Kit, Hampshire and Norfolk - 15th July 1988
previous album: Gus, the Sewell's Cottage Rabbit, Red House, Norfolk - 27th June 1988

Martin messes about

Martin and Emma chuck stones in to the sea

Emma and Martin, and Cromer pier

Emma Sapey on a sea groyne

Martin and Nosher

Martin gets sand out of his shoes

Emma and Martin

The cliffs of West Runton

Nosher has a one-man picnic ready to go in the garden

An evening tree

The wheat fields of Norfolk

Some Norfolk summer wheat

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Martin messes about