Gus, the Sewell's Cottage Rabbit, Red House, Norfolk - 27th June 1988

A round-up of Sewell's Cottage randomness, featuring Gus - our adopted wild rabbit, named after the legendary Gus Honeybun on Plymouth television. There's also a passing storm, and the seemingly inevitable rainbow to go with it.

next album: A Trip to the Beach, Cromer, Norfolk - 6th July 1988
previous album: Somans: A Winner's Tour of the Factory, Norwich - 10th June 1988

Over in Salhouse, A cat climbs all over Emma

Emma's got a kitten stuck to her leg


Gus nibbles grass

Martin strokes Gus on the head - for a wild rabbit he was pretty tame

Gus eats more grass

One half of the rainbow - some nice diffraction can be seen on the inside edge

The other half of the double rainbow

It's Wimbledon on tv

Rain and an umbrella

Rain piles down on the garden

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Over in Salhouse, A cat climbs all over Emma