Somans: Nosher's 21st Birthday at the Soman-Wherry Press, Norwich, Norfolk - 26th May 1988

It's Nosher's 21st birthday, an event which occurs whilst on placement from university at the Soman-Wherry Press in Norwich. Upon arrival at work, Nosher discovers that his desk and immediate office area has been decorated up and there are some pressies and cards, as well as a spot of cake. Later on, we head down to the Dolphin up the road from Heigham Street for a lunchtime beer. The following weekend, Sean and Maria come to visit. Sean gets his briefcase nicked whilst his car is parked up in St. Stephen's car park in Norwich, and then it breaks down outside Nosher's pad - Sewell's Cottages in Red House, near Aylsham.

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Nosher cuts the cake

Getting a kiss from Rachel 'Nobby' Clarke, the receptionist

Rachel, Nosher, Sue, Valeria and Beryl

Nosher's desk, featuring a Wang PC, an Opus PC V with a CGA display and a couple of modems

Nosher's desk area is all decorated

A present of a box of Mars bars

Checking out a gift tag

An office group photo

Simon Berry, Don Dawson, Valeria, Brian Coleman, Rachel, Sue, Nosher, Adrian Tallack and Mike Perkins on the end

Valeria and Sue sort the cake out

Jo, Rachel and Sue in the Dolphin

Sue, other Su and Valerie

Sue, Valeria, David 'Fishy' Herring and Mike Perkins

Nosher sticks a condom on his head in the bedroom of Sewell's Cottage

Taking a breath with a condom on the head

Sean and Maria pose for a photo as Sean's car is hauled off to a garage

A sunset over the fields of North Norfolk

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Nosher cuts the cake