Underexposure looks like a Constable painting

Underexposure looks like a Constable painting

A double rainbow in Red House

Close-up rainbow

The west window of Norwich Cathedral

The nave of Norwich Cathedral

The East end of Norwich

Around the cathedral cloisters

More cloisters

Norwich Cathedral from the cloisters

A view of Norwich Cathedral from the close

A sunset in Norfolk

Another sunset over the fields of Red House

A lonely tree

A mirror reflects the buildings opposite

The church of St. Peter in Brampton, Norfolk

Richard 'Dicky Red' and his girlfriend

Nosher and Richard's girlfriend

Emma's sister's cat roams around

Emma and Martin mess around in the garden

Martin stands about

Emma and Martin watch telly in the garden

Foxgloves in the garden

Up the road from Sewell's Cottage

A baby rabbit is hanging around the garden