Somans: A Soman-Wherry Press Boat Trip, Horning, The Broads, Norfolk - 8th May 1988

This is one of those completely random entries from an event that Nosher was not even at. It's conjectured that this was probably a Soman's staff or combined sales event (there are some non-Somans people in the shots) and the camera was lent out for the occasion (presumably as Nosher was otherwise occupied, which dimly rings a distant bell). It was held on the "Southern Comfort", a Broads-based paddle steamer which is still going (as of 2013). To complete the sense of utter randomness, there are a few frames from the end of the film when the camera seems to go on holiday - to somewhere in Italy by the looks of it. They include the landing of a large tuna fish on a beach somewhere. Perhaps one day the taker of the photo will see them and reveal their secrets.

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Random people, including (left) Sheila Coleman - Brian Coleman's wife

80s networking

Bill Butler - MD of Soman Wherry

Coffee and cigarettes

Alan Smith and some other dude

Simon Rigg (left) and someone with 80s braces

A random shot showing that sometimes unknown photos can be easily dated (at least to the year)

How stunningly 80s is this?

Chris Playford (right) has a slurp

View from the paddle steamer

Bob Calton, Customer Liason (centre)

A view of Horning Broad from a church tower somewhere

More posed photos

The 'Southern Comfort'

Don Dawson, resplendent in boat-club-esque blazer and tie

The camera goes on holiday somewhere

A tuna fish is landed

The giant fish is hauled up the beach

Monster tuna fish

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Random people, including (left) Sheila Coleman - Brian Coleman's wife