Sewell's Cottage Garden Telly, Red House, Norfolk - 14th May 1988

Martin the footy fan decides to haul out the TV from the lounge and set it up in the garden so he can watch the FA Cup final (it's some sort of sporting event). After all, if nothing else it's a nice day to lounge around in the sun. Elsewhere, Nosher is exploring Norwich Cathedral and the countryside around the house in the depths of the Norfolk countryside. There are also a few random photos of Canterbury Cathedral, for some reasonr, and Richard and his girlfriend take Nosher out to a steakhouse on Lower Goat Lane in Norwich for a feed.

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A field of oilseed

Stained glass

Canterbury nave

Stained glass windows in Canterbury Cathedral depicting Saint Anselm, Lanfranc and Baldwin

Canterbury Cathedal

A rainbow near Sewell's Cottage

An underexposed photo of a double rainbow, but which looks just like a John Constable painting

A double rainbow

The west window of Norwich Cathedral

The East end of Norwich

Around the cathedral cloisters

Norwich Cathedral from the cloisters

A view of Norwich Cathedral from the close

A sunset in Norfolk

A mirror in a field reflects the buildings opposite

The church of St. Peter in Brampton, Norfolk

Richard 'Dicky Red' and his girlfriend

Nosher and Richard's girlfriend

Emma's sister's cat roams around

Emma and Martin mess around in the garden

Martin stands about

Emma and Martin watch telly in the garden

Foxgloves in the garden

Up the road from Sewell's Cottage, a regimented field of something

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A field of oilseed