Outside the Crocodile Building on Heigham Street

Outside the Crocodile Building on Heigham Street

The float, ready to go

One of the print boys is dressed up

A windmill on St Stephen's Street

The windmill heads further up St. Stephen's

Big crowds on St. Stephen's

The scene near Pizza Hut

Bill Butler hands stuff out near Westlegate

Some tulips

Crowded streets near Norwich Castle

The crowds line the hill around the Castle

Collecting outside the TSB on Castle Meadow

Walking down Castle Meadow

Bill Butler strolls alongside Cartco's lorry

The Soman's float

Rachel and Sue

The Soman's gang on the back of the float

Something bright orange

The Dutch 'girl' lifts up his apron

The crowds in Tombland

Throngs of people near the Maids Head

More collecting with buckets

Soman Wherry, for colourful print

The printer dude from the factory

Waving a flower around on Palace Street

The Soman-Wherry float posse in the car park