Uni: A Trip to Venford Resevoir, Dartmoor, Devon - 18th January 1987

It's back to Polytechnic after the Christmas break, and Riki (who's one of the few with an actual car) drives some of the lads over to Badger's Holt and on to Venford Resevoir, on the east moor near Holne

next album: The Pirate RAG Hit Squad, Plymouth Polytechnic, Devon - 8th February 1987
previous album: Christmas with Neil and Caroline, Burton, Dorset - 25th December 1986

A misty view over downtown Plymouth

Civic Centre, Money Centre and Science Block

A fiery sunset

The bridge at Badger's Holt

A Dartmoor scene

Riki stares at a river

A Dartmoor stream

Riki and Andy sit on the rocks and watch the river

Riki and Andy

Dave 'Trotsky' Mallett sits on a granite outcrop

A blurry Dave on the rocks

Riki climbs some rocks

Riki sits on a rock

Chris and Dave on the top of a tor

Bray-Feature tries on a life belt (and put it back afterwards)

Venford resevoir

Bare trees

Andy Bray, Chris Beard and Riki Stewart

The lads pile over a stile

The placid waters of Venford

The Church Inn at Holne

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A misty view over downtown Plymouth