Uni: A Plymouth Hoe Kickabout, Plymouth, Devon - 20th October 1986

It's a warm day in Autumn, so Nosher and the lads go down to the grass behind Plymouth Hoe for a football kickabout in the leaves. But first, there's a quick trip to see Christos in his digs a million miles away in Mutley, way up the long hill past Mutley Plain

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There's some sort of magician act down in the Students' Union

Christos with a wooden corkscrew

Dave's mate Christos Zarakovitis looks moody by a window

A misty Plymouth Sound and West Hoe

Riki heads the ball

Dave and Riki kick about in the park behind the Holiday Inn

Dave sticks the football up his top and pretends he's pregnant

Riki prepares to kick the ball

Dave runs about

Riki skies the ball

Riki and some keepie-uppie action

Riki and Dave sit out for a bit

Leaves blow about on a path

Andy 'feature' Bray throws leaves in to the air

Riki prepares to lob a pile of leaves at Nosher

Dave's on the ball

Dave and Andy

The main street in Looe, Cornwall

Riki, John Stewart and Dave down by the harbour in Looe

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There's some sort of magician act down in the Students' Union