Harvester Way Randomness and CB People, Lymington and New Milton - 19th July 1986

A few random photos from Harvester Way in Lymington, plus a meet-up up with the CB Radio crowd over at Pauline's.

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Next-door's cat

The cat from next door stalks something

Florence gives it the hairy eyeball

Sis watches telly

Sis sticks her tongue out

Florence is tempted by a scrap

Morning coffee at Brockenhurst Railway Station

Hamish and Geordie wrestle

Geordie jumps around


CB Pete mills around


Pauline and Brian 'Jet Ranger'

Pauline's off out

Some dude in the park at Bournemouth

A baby gets fed in Bournemouth

A sprog chases pigeons

Reading a book

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Next-door's cat