A CB Radio Party, Stem Lane, New Milton - 15th July 1986

There's a bit of a do over at CB-Radio Pete and Pauline's place, somewhere off Stem Lane in New Milton. Also, Nosher and Hamish are walking Geordie on Wilverley Plain in the New Forest, and there's a little bit of Harvest Way randomness.

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Geordie's got a big stick

Geordie scampers across Wilverley Plain

The heather of Wilverley Plain

Hamish wanders by with a flying disc stuck to his head

A firework explodes

Down on Lymington Quay

The vineyard in Bransgore

A bubbly sunset

A funky sunset over Harvester Way in Lymington

Harvester Way

Florence has a doze in the long grass

A small green caterpillar

A line of washing in the breeze

Florence sticks a paw through the fence

Pete has a ciggie

Clare gets fed something

Halfway up the stairs is the stair where they sit

A spot of washing up occurs

Pauline gets her tortoises out again

A particularly fluffy cat

Brian 'Jet Ranger' chats

Clare ponders

Clare and Pauline have a giggle

Clare does some dancing

More crazy dancing

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Geordie's got a big stick