Uni: Gill Leaves the James Street Vaults, Plymouth - 30th May 1986

Gill, the hugely popular landlady of the James Street Vaults (JSV) - a favourite student hangout which is just off campus (and metres up the road from the Fly offices too) - leaves to go and run a pub in Somerset somewhere. There's a big do in the JSV to commiserate/celebrate as loads of regulars pile in to send Gill on her way in style.

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Gill roams around with a tube of novelty sweets

The JSV bar staff

Gill and one of the bar staff

People mill around in the conservatory

Gill works the crowd

Sausage rolls are handed around

The free buffet is eaten

Don Corleone holds court by the food blackboard (90p for a cheeseburger)

A busy JSV

Spinning up the 45s on the wheels of steel

A couple of people light up

The bar dude

More JSV bar staff

Don Corleone and some of the staff

Gill gives a speech

Mark Wilkins looks pleased with himself

Sam Kennedy and his girlfriend

Gill and a couple of regulars

Students do a bit of fancy dress in swimming goggles

Alison Fleming

Behind the bar

Bar staff drinkies

The last dance

Alison 'not another photo' Fleming

The change collection bottle is presented to the local Guide Dogs for the Blind group

Guide dog and an oversized bottle of cash

Gill and the labrador

Ian Dunwoody and Alun Evans

Sam gets a hug from Alun

Alun Evans and Ally Fleming

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Gill roams around with a tube of novelty sweets