The Lord Mayor's Day Procession, Plymouth - 21st May 1986

Part of the annual Lord Mayor's Day thrash in Plymouth includes a parade around the city. Nosher was there lurking at the end of Royal Parade, just in time to see the legend that is John Dudley in his Cap'n Jasper van as it trundled along in the procession

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The Devenish Brewery dray

A small child on a small pony

A marching band

The Cap'n Jasper van, with the driver in cunning disguise

Cap'n Jasper tows a curious little trailer around

An open-top Ford Model T


The crowds mill around by the end of Royal Parade

Another military marching band

A 'City of Plymouth' floral float passes by the Theatre Royal

Marching military dudes

A German Shepherd group

The Channel Island Military Champions (1985) majorettes

A George Wimpey (as in the builders, not the burgers) van

A Courage Brewery dray

An Austin 7 car pootles about

Postman Pat on the back of a Post Office float

Bagpipes ahoy

The National Shire Horse Centre's float, with four in hand

A children's Variety group

A model aeroplane on a float for the now-defunct Brymon Airways

Crowds hang out on the grass outside the Theatre Royal

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The Devenish Brewery dray