Uni: Neath Road and a JSV Happy Hour, Plymouth - 15th May 1986

Nosher's hanging out at Ed's place over at Neath Road in St. Judes - the house has a new addition in the form of Friday the rabbit. Later on, it's happy hour down at the James Street Vaults, just off campus, where Riki, Andy and the two Daves (plus Nosher) are making the most of it by racking up four pints each.

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Nosher and Ed in the basement at Neath Road

Barbara sits on the sofa

Ed sits in his armchair

Barbara sits on Ed's bed

Ed in some funky shorts

Ed and Barbara

Barbara cuddles Friday the rabbit

Friday has a sniff

Dave Lock and Andy Dobie

Dave Masterson slurps some Plympton Pride

The glass roof of the SU pyramid

Andy Bray looks up in the SU pyramid

Dave M, Dave L and Andy share a joke

Empties all round

The lads get another round in

Riki with his single pint of cider

Andy gets started as Riki raises his glass

The spiral stone stairs in Smeaton's Tower lighthouse

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Nosher and Ed in the basement at Neath Road