Uni: The Plymouth Polytechnic Satique Project, Salcombe and Plymouth - 10th May 1986

Nosher gets given an assignment, along with a bunch of fellow students on B.A. Business Studies at Plymouth Polytechnic, to come up with a new drink and to market it (obviously, not for real or anything). Nosher's mate Trotsky is in the group, and we kick off by holding a meeting in someone's kitchen to decide upon flavours - one of the group has bought along a range of odd and exotic fishbait flavours, and we settle on satsuma as the main ingredient. Once that's decided, we drive over to Salcombe to do a "photo shoot" for the sales blurb that we've come up with. It's something along the lines of a story about some young, trendy things discovering the taste of "Satique" (Satsuma/mystique, geddit?). We also commandeer the bar of the James Street Vaults for a while (Nosher was a major regular there and could get such favours) to shoot the "in the bar" scenes. It looks like another of ours sales pitches might have been that "it's the drink to drink when you're driving".

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The scene is set as a fishing boat trundles up the river at Salcombe

A Cokin 'tobacco' filter is pressed in to service, for a 'mood' shot of Salcombe harbour

The storyboard unfolds: the 'young things' are in town for some fun, and have just got off their yacht

There's a bit of disagreement about the storyboard

The Mini burns around Salcombe

Michelle and Ruth pile out of their Mini

At the top of the stairs

Michelle Osbourne and Ruth Watson - pure 80s - stroll down the steps

A pub is sought out: it's the Ferry Inn, Salcombe

Ruth and Michelle enter the pub

After the Salcombe photo shoot: Unknown, Ruth Watson, Michelle Osbourne, Russell Yeatman, Michael Bey, unknown and Dave 'Trotsky' Mallett

A bottle of 'Satique' is selected

Do you want some Plymouth Gin in your fishbait-flavoured beverage?

A bottle of Satique looking so much nicer than everything else on the shelf

The deputy landlady of the JSV looks on

Ruth pretends to have a sip

Satique and a set of car keys

Ruth, Michelle and 'the barman'

Our product. Nosher had made the labels using proper pre-press 'photo mechanical transfer' in the print room of Fly, the student magazine

A final parting shot. you can just make out that a pint of beer was £1.05!

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The scene is set as a fishing boat trundles up the river at Salcombe