Uni: Scenes of Plymouth and the PPSU Bar, Plymouth Polytechnic, Devon - 28th April 1986

A round-up of two sets of negatives, which may or may not be contemporaneous, showing various scenes around Plymouth and the Barbican, as well as some PPSU bar life - in particular some behind-the-bar action and a photo of the ill-fated SU Burger bar (which pre-dated the equally ill-fated Cap'n Jasper's annex by a couple of years).

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A view over the Barbican

A view into the centre of Plymouth

The obelisk behind Plymouth Hoe, catching the sun through a Cokin starburst filter

A fishing boat down in the Barbican

A yacht marina

Old railway tracks in the Barbican

A forest of boat masts

A solitary swan glides around Sutton Harbour

Fishing boats down at Sutton Harbour

Someone pauses by an old crane

Malcolm Roweth strolls through Beaumont Park

Spring trees

A favourite photo: two tramps help each other with a cigarette in Beaumont Park

The two tramps

A subway somewhere

Dave tries to eat his lunch in the GTB canteen

Dave ducks. Andy Grove looks on

Behind the main bar - renamed this year as the 'Sporting and Honking Bar'

Brian pours a beer

Brian does a pint of orange juice

A couple of bar workers, including Matt 'Gimli' Horton

An experiment in catering: the PPSU burger and snack kitchen

Some sort of student politics occurs

Down by the little bar, renamed 'The Never Open Especially When It's Busy Bar' this year

Frank (right) chats to someone by the little bar (previously known as the 'People's Glorious Revolution of October 1917 Bar')

Frank Sembi and his mate

Outside the SU, a large crowd watches a random (non-RAG-related) flouring

The striking/bleak modernist architecture of Old Town Street in Plymouth

Riki peers over the wall at the Mayflower Steps

Smeaton's tower with the sun nicely shining through the lantern room

The Hoe War Memorial

The gang mill around near the Hoe

Bray-feature looks out over Plymouth Sound

The ornamental promenade/building thing on the front of Plymouth Hoe

Two windows in Smeaton's Tower

The commemorative plaque on Smeaton's Tower

Chris, Andy and John Stuart at the top of Smeaton's Tower

Dudes play bowls on Plymouth Hoe

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A view over the Barbican