Uni: Beaumont Street Decorations and Water Fight, Plymouth - 14th December 1985

Barbara and Malcolm have a bit of a water fight at Beaumont Street. Later on, it's time to prep the house with Christmas decorations in time for a party

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Barbara considers a crepe flower

Barbara sniffs a paper flower

Malc looks mischievous

A roasting tin flies around the kitchen as the water fight kicks off

Malcolm looks shocked to get wet

Barbara by the cooker

Malcolm looks like he's just been kneed in the nads

A pause in hostilities

Barbara gets in the bath

A bit of splashing

Barbara puts some string up

The Salvation Army band plays on Beaumont Street

Barbara, James and Malcolm eat dinner

Barbara gets the Pritt Stick out on the crepe paper

More crepe paper action

Malcom sticks a decoration on the light

Malc holds up the ceiling for a bit

Malcom hangs up a crepe-paper streamer

Nosher gets a piggy-back from Malcolm

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Barbara considers a crepe flower