Brian Smith, lecturer, sits back

Brian Smith, lecturer, sits back

The dudes from Students' Union TV (SUTV)

Rik, Angela, Andy and Dave

Don King pretends to be Aladdin or something

Some green panto frog action

The band does its thing after the panto

Brian Smith and an 80s girl

The Students' Union Pyramid in the snow

Mark looks surprised

Dai Edwards in the print room

Dai again

Merv gets a bottle of champagne

Hanging out in the Fly office

Mark Wilkins with a bike helmet on

Mark passes over a demijohn of homebrew

Mark offers Sam Kennedy a bag of Wotsits

In-depth discussions

In Mark's office

Karen is happy about something

A giggling fit occurs

Karen has a sleep

Alison and Sam have a snog

Gurning action

Some curious moves in the layout room

Grant gets bundled

Grant gets de-bagged

There's a bundle on the floor of the layout room

Sam tries to protect his parts

Nosher in grey

Nosher: boy in grey

Dai Edwards

Frank and Barbera, from Psychology

Dave Lock cues up in the SU games room

Barbara and Malcom stop off at Ford Cottage

Sean skates around Westover Ice Rink

Sean skates on one leg