Uni: A Central Park Fair and City Street Life, Plymouth - 20th October 1985

A round-up of some Plymouth randomness, including a fair at Central Park, up the road from the Beaumont Street digs, a night in St. Judes with Angela, Mary, et al and some Plymouth street life.

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Barbara gets some sort of dodgy Hot Dog from a van

Malcolm throws a dart

Malcolm on the air rifles

Barbara looks up

The bright lights of the fair

Unknown, Anand, Mary Dicks, Andy Grove, Angela Crann and Andy Dobie

Andy Grove

Mary Dicks

Andy and Mary work on something

Angela looks pensive

Beaumont Park

Footie in Beaumont Park

Alison Flemming walks through Beaumont Park

Some old geezer roams around with a stick

A mother and baby

Pavement art on Old Town Street

A view of Plymouth gasometers from the Beaumont Street bedroom

Boys mess around in the fountain in front of Charlie's nightclub

Dai Edwards puts the finger up

The view across Mayflower Street

A Plymoid child

The bombed-out church on Charles Cross

The Coburg Street villas and the Engineering Block, looking down Glanville Street

Dave Lock, Bray Feature and Riki Stewart in Andy's flat

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Barbara gets some sort of dodgy Hot Dog from a van