A Holiday in Los Christianos, Tenerife - 19th June 1985

The Old Man and Maureen take Nosher and Sis over on a Monarch flight to the island of Tenerife, on the Canaries, to the fishing village-cum-building site that is Los Christianos. It included a trip to Pico del Teide - a volcano in the desert - in an area apparently used for some of the filming of the original Planet of the Apes. There was some attempt to get to the top, but only Nosher made it as the rest baled out about 100 metres up from the cable car stop.

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Maureen and Sis, and the in-flight crew of the Monarch flight on the way to Tenerife

Swimming pool and building site

The Old Man

Los Christianos beach

Maureen and The Old Chap

The city lights from the balcony of the apartment, after a few Piña Coladas

Dad, Sis and Maureen on the sun loungers

Maureen and Dad in downtown Los Christianos

Sis, Dad and Maureen

A view of the harbour from the apartment

Dad, Maureen and Sis in a restaurant up in the mountains

Lunch somewhere

Maureen gets her baps out, as the Old Man covers his up

Maureen nearly gets swept away

Nosher, Maureen and Sis

Browsing some sort of tat market

Rubble and hotels

Pico del Teide

A vanishing-point road, reminiscent of the US southwest

The view from the top of the volcano - 3,718 metres up

Other climbers on the top of the mountain

The trig point at the very top of the mountain

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Maureen and Sis, and the in-flight crew of the Monarch flight on the way to Tenerife