Maureen and Sis, and the in-flight crew

Maureen and Sis, and the in-flight crew

Swimming pool and building site

More building-site action

The Old Man

Los Christianos beach

Maureen and The Old Chap

The view from the balcony after a Piña Colada

Dad, Sis and Maureen on the sun loungers

Maureen and Dad in downtown Los Christianos

Sis, Dad and Maureen

A view of the harbour from the apartment

Dad, Maureen and Sis in a mountain restaurant

Lunch somewhere

Maureen gets her baps out

Maureen nearly gets swept away

Nosher, Maureen and Sis

The Old Man and Maureen by a palm tree

Browsing some sort of tat market

Rubble and hotels

Pico del Teide

A vanishing-point road, like the US southwest

The view from the volcano top, 3,718 metres up

A mist rolls in on the sea-side of the mountain

Other climbers on the top of the mountain

The trig point at the very top of the mountain