The McStone Jolly Mac

The McStone Jolly Mac

Sean and the McCarthy and Stone posse

A bunch of dalmatians

The crowds wait for the carnival on Lymington High Street

The Everton FC float

The procession heads up the High Street

Big crowds on the High Street

A unicyclist

Scene on the High Street

Some pirate girls

The crocodile gives an old geezer some change

Carnival action around the Kings Arms

The Midland Bank griffin accosts a traffic warden

A tractor and a bunch of milling playing cards at the top of the High Street

A crocodile talks to a beat copper

Anna and Phil in the crowds

The McCarthy and Stone lorry negotiates a traffic island

Another pirate ship

McStone's pirates

Nosher's old Brock College mate Alastair (otherwise known as Steve)

A McCarthy and Stone pirate

McStone pirate and balloons

A blurry but colourful fairground

At Bournemouth carnival, a vintage Rolls-Royce

The McStone's captain kisses Miss Bournemouth 1985