A few birthday cards are read

A few birthday cards are read

Nosher all in grey

Nosher, his box of Wispas and Phil & Anna

Graham Seage, Anna and Phil

Nosher cuts his birthday cake

Nosher hands out cake

Sean is hurled in to the pool

Sean goes swimming, but forgets to take his clothes off

A bedraggled Sean climbs out of the pool

Sean looks a little damp

Anna splashes, and Phil stands around in his 'trunks'

Liz is about to be thrown into her swimming pool

Liz takes an unintended swim

Anna and Phil leap in

We go for a picnic somewhere in the New Forest

Geordie - Hamish's dog

Geordie and a selection of plants

On a street somewhere, some sort of leap-frog occurs

Keith and Boris

Andy Poppit on the windowsill at Brockenhurst College

The Room 7 gang

More 'Room 7' action

The Room 7 gang relaxes at lunchtime

In the corridors, Nosher is wrestled to the ground

There's an attempt to give the bumps to Nosher

Herman gives the thumbs-up

Keith Frost gives the finger

Some of Hamish's posse

Graham Seage and Herman in the Brock College library

Messing around by the lockers

80s-style posing by the college tennis courts

In a classroom somewhere

Students in Hamish's class

Students in Hamish's class