Harry brings a present over

Harry brings a present over

Harry opens something near the Christmas tree

The boys look over expectantly

There's excitement when an XBox appears

Molly - Tiny Cat - tries to shred Fred up

Molly chews up a bit of card

Isobel's on vegetable-peeling duty in the kitchen

We play Exploding Kittens in the Oaksmere

It's busy on Christmas Day in the Oaksmere

Fred, Harry, Sophie and Grace play poker

Harry legs it

The boys are doing Christmas dinner

We have a Boxing Day beer in the 'Smere

Isobel waits to get served at the bar

The Hoxon Hundred are Morrising in the Oaksmere

There's Morris dancing in the Oaksmere's atrium

A view from behind the band

The accordion players have a chat

The hankies are back out

There's some audience participation

Isobel finds a mystery secret bunker

A ladder heads down to the depths

Harry watches as the Christmas pudding is on fire

Isobel holds up a panto backdrop in Occold