The Greyhound pub in Diss

The Greyhound pub in Diss

We show Millie and Sophie how to make sushi

The next night we're doing homemade pizza

The band assembles in Wickham Skeith village hall

ADrian reads out the steps of the pudding mixing

Adrian as Father Christmas

The ladies of the village are mixing

Harry helps out by squeezing lemons

Harry gives a good squeeze

Harry's moved on to the next pudding station

Mixing puddings in a Christmas jumper

The scene in Wickham Skeith village hall

Adrian chats to Harry and Millie

Carrie checks ingredients with Adrian

More vigorous mixing occurs

Adrian tips brandy into a pudding bowl

David collects a raffle prize

Isobel gets a group photo of the band

Adrian chats to Terry

Adrian is presented with a gift

Fred hauls a music stand out past Ron

Wickham Skeith village hall

There are sheep in the 100-acre field

Harry watches the sheep for a bit

Harry in another field

We head into the Oaksmere's balloon field

Harry looks back

The Oaksmere has a couple of Blossom benches

The new memorial is quieter now