An abandoned car dealership in Diss

An abandoned car dealership in Diss

We drop the car off for a service at Desira

The old Midwich offices on Gilray Road

We head off to town via the back estates

We find a load of chickens roaming around

The old Warwick Shubrook/Kerridges in Diss

Euro Foods has closed up shop

There's a pigeon explosion over Mere Street

Superdrug needs a bit of upstairs work doing

The old Bar 13, now a pawn shop

Barclays Bank is closed, and is now just 'Bank'

Fred's pumpkin is eating its baby

Frankenpump - another of Fred's pumpkins

Garboldisham's impressive village hall

A view of the East Harling road at Garboldisham

We arrive on the stage, where there's lots to do

Isobel surveys a blank canvas

Isobel starts on painting a bedroom scene

St. John the Baptist at Garboldisham

The giant village hall at Garboldisham

There are a lot more helpers on the Saturday

The stage is busy with painting

Isobel takes a break

Garboldisham church at night