The gang look into the meerkat pen

The gang look into the meerkat pen

A meerkat stands on guard

There's a funky pigeon in a tree

In the tropical house

The sloth is having a wander around

Hanging around, sloth style

There's a tiny baby monkey

Someone points at the sloth

There's a fist-bump with a sealion

A sealion hurls itself around

The sealion is porpoising

Harry stares at a painted gorilla

There's an axolotl in a tank

The new snow leopard has a doze

The Floofy Chunk is having a sleep as well

Harry and Grace watch the snow leopard for a bit

The cheetah prowls around

A giraffe chomps on some branches

Fred, Grace and Harry wander about

Harry tests his vulture wingspan

A vulture mural

We have some chips for lunch

The penguins are still hanging around by their pond

The blue-eyed monkey sits around

The pink flamingoes have moved

A leopard sits in its house, grumbling

The tiger looks a bit Meh

It's feeding time for some parakeets

The owls judge everything from their perches

A giant tortoise takes a photo

Harry strokes a goat

Triangular mosaics near the Saracen's Head in Diss

Isobel does some crochet in Flour and Bean

We have a look in the Diss Museum