Mick inspects the new gas power station site

Mick inspects the new gas power station site

Mick the Brick heads off up the runway

Evelyn and Louise at the Oaksmere

Our table on the terrace by the restaurant

We pause at the zoo to eat our picnic

A giraffe shreds up some branches

Grazing the grass

A llama has had a close shave

The first sight of one of the new tiger cubs

The Floofy Chunk lolls about in its tree

The impossibly-orange Ibis-like birds

Harry squares up to a small python

A monkey does Go Ape, sort of

The howler monkeys are really going for it

The green snake is in its usual position

Adorable bright yellow parakeets

Old red-eyes is back

These monkeys always look sad, as you would

The penguins give it some attitude

Fred, Harry and Noddy watch the Sea Lion show

A sea lion does some porpoising

The sealion walks around on its flippers

The smelly Maned Wolves are actually out

A right pair of Gallahs

The blue macaws fly around

A macaw uses its tail as an air brake

Macaws perched on an arm

The Milky Owl is pleased with itself

A peregrine falcon, covering

A peregrine falcon eats its dinner

Another Maned Wolf prowls around

A tiger and her cub

The tiger cub shreds up a cardboard box

The cub wants to pester its mother

Noddy and Fred stride around Banham Zoo

Noddy inspects the goats