Evelyn, Noddy and Isobel sit by the back field

Evelyn, Noddy and Isobel sit by the back field

The back field is all stubble

Isobel, Evelyn, Noddy and Da Wheeze on the patio

Jamie and Haryanna have arrived too

Noddy appears from inside the house

The children mess around on the sleeper beds

The pond near the castle in Framlingham

There are some nice old bikes outside the Castle

It's busy inside Framlingham Castle

Fred and Evelyn wait on a bench

Jamie waves from the parapet

Haryanna takes a family selfie

Some dude plays bowls

Walking around the castle walls

It's busy in the castle courtyard

Louise waits with Fred down below

Isobel, Harry and Noddy look out to the college

Harry does a little dance in the old kitchen

Ferd gives it some Vs as he leaves the shop

Harry shows off his new dragon book

A suit of armour in the grass

There's an axe-and-sheild demo

A girl gets dressed up in armour

Hair is wrangled as mail armour is added

The trainee squire is knighted

Applause at the end of the presentation

Haryanna looks back as we leave the castle

We head past Coopers on Church Street

Annalua and Fred on Market Hill

Fred and Nicholas look at Lego in Bulstrode's

Fred buys some Lego, obviously

Roaming around by the town sign

St. Michael's church in Framlingham

A decorated bike on Church Street

The Castle Inn, as in The Detectorists

A wooden post in Southwold Marshes

We're on the beach at the Harbour end

Harry puts his shoes on

We head off into town

It's busy on Southwold beach

We meet Noddy heading the other way

Greengrocer on the corner of Queen Street

Evelyn and Noddy wait in Marks' chippie

Fred waits for his fish goujons

The Dutch-style Southwold Museum

We have a drink at Adnam's café

Noddy scopes out the beers in Adnam's

There's a lovely Beetle on High Street

A 1987 2CV tows a boat on Godyll Road

Derelict public toilets on Ferry Road