The bike racks at Diss Station

The bike racks at Diss Station

More building where the old Charington's office was

A modified Class 315 inspection unit stops at Diss

Harry keeps a look out for the approaching train

Isobel sits by herself for some reason

Harry does a bit of the crossword

On the platform at Norwich again

Fred passes through the ticket barriers

The M&S shop at the station has been gutted

We wait to cross the road to Riverside

Harry's got a face on outside the Odeon

The Boy Phil catches up over the A140

Paul and Phil look out over the Scole Bypass

We're on Burston Road heading to Scole Common

It's a quiet-ish night in the Ampersand Tap

Paul checks out the beer list

Stainless-steel fittings and beer kegs

It's time to head off again

The missing bulbs of Ampersand Tap

Church Street in Eye is closed for water works

Terry heads up the aisle

Terry chats to an organiser

The band is nearly set up

Simple stained glass in the church

David hands some more cake around

After the gig

Terry hauls the bass drum out of the church

There's someone up in the gallery

Terry's still hauling the bass drum around

The church of St. Andrew's, Wickham Skeith