The weather has certainly improved

The weather has certainly improved

Nosher's bedroom on the sixth floor

The Pieper building on Graf Adolf Straße

Some geese cross the road on Haroldstraße

Curious building renovations near Police Central

Concrete under Rheinkniebrucke

A nice view of the Rheinturm TV tower

A bird flies over the top of the Rheinturm

The view from 168 metres up

It's disconcerting to look straight down the tower

The Rhine as it flows through Düsseldorf

The Hauptbahnhof is sort-of in the middle

Construction cranes in the city

The observation deck

A view from the base of the Rheinturm

There's a cool old crane on the riverside

An old dockside crane

A ferry is crammed with exercise bikes

There's a Woodstock from Snoopy in the window

An old building from 1915

Time for lunch at a food tent under Rheinkniebrucke

There's some sort of festival going on

Nosher's first bratwurst of the day

Skate ramps under the flyover

A couple of cyclists whizz past some graffiti

The Polizei Praesidium

The Standehaus

The world's biggest Elephant Leg in a kebab shop

The Polizei have closed off Graf-Adolf Straße

There's a demonstration about a jailed dissident

The protest moves along Graf-Adolf Straße

Flags for Abdullah Öcalan

The protest continues

The polizei bring up the rear

There's a bit of a tram jam behind the protest

A rare old building: the Hotel Bismarck

Nosher looks for some Manga for Harry

The Manga-Mafia shop on Immermannstraße

Pointing graffiti on the way back to the airport

Graffiti under a road bridge

The train stops at Düsseldorf Flughaven station

There's a theme-park monorail to the airport

A view of traffic chaos outside the airport

Düsseldorf airport

There's a very stripey plane by the control tower

Life's exciting at gate 51

It's like Ryanair as we get dumped off a bus

A view of Düsseldorf

Landfall over the UK, somewhere in Essex

There are a few gaps in the clouds over London

Waterloo Station and the London Eye

Aa good view of the Microsoft Office in Paddington

Tesco gets a bit of advertising in on approach

We're dumped onto a bus again

The BA plane on the tarmac at Heathrow

On the way to the arrivals at Heathrow

Old graffiti on a wall somewhere

More graffiti near some HS2 site

On the Elizabeth Line

The driver of the Norwich train on platform 10

A silver Rune tag on a bridge

The train crosses the A12

An odd building with Abba on it

Back home, Harry and Isobel are in the Co-op