It's the first time on the Elizabeth Line

It's the first time on the Elizabeth Line

The long and spacious tunnels of the Lizzy Line

The train to Terminal 5 arrives

There's a water tower like New Milton's

A Class 66 Shed near some aggregate works

Graffiti on a metal shed

Heathrow Terminal 5's check-in area

Terminal 5's departure lounge is heaving

A dude drives a 737 around with a remote-control tug

A lone purple bag waits by the plane

There's a long queue of planes waiting for take-off

The airport railway station is a bit bleak

A train to the city arrives

Railway graffiti

A curious Dnf building on the railway

Someone likes their cake

Faces on a building

A thinking chimpanzee

Düsseldorf's Hauptbahnhof Central Station

There's a lawn around the tram tracks

A father-and-son statue near the station

Thursday's tea: a bratwurst stall by the station

The entrance lobby at Düsseldorf Station

Cool building graffiti on Harkortstaße

Nosher's first German beer in the hotel bar

Colourful waiting room at Hauptbahnhof

The train for Solingen runs in to platform 9

Very literal graffiti on a building

Nice wall art in the subway at Solingen station

Derelict loading sheds at Solingen Station

The cute station at Haan

A presbyterian or Lutheran chapel near the station

The orchestra is unloading the trailer

A statue near the old market area

Looking up Friedrichstraße

Traditional window shutters on a greengrocer

There's a street book cupboard on Diekerstraße

A shiny cube above a flower shop in Neuer Markt

The orchestra is setting up in the marquee

It starts lashing it on Neuer Markt

More traditional-style buildings in Haan

Magic Café - for a lunch of Krakauer und Pommes

Inside Café Magic for a bit of lunch

There's another book kiosk near the beach

The temporary beach of Haaner Sommer

The marquee is set up and waiting

The fountain in the middle of Neuer Markt

Fred and his posse roam around Neuer Markt

The orchestra assembles and tunes up

The gig kicks off

Fred in the flute section

The orchestra takes its first bow

Harrison's family arrive after their epic drive

The Suffolk Youth Wind Orchestra in action

The conductors do the 'we're twins' gag

The marquee is filling up

A page-turning moment

There's another stand-up-for-applause moment

The orchestra in action

The crowd really gets into it

The trombone section

The ladies of Haan are enjoying the music

The orchestra takes its final bow

Fred packs away his music stand

Fred carries a box of stuff to the trailer

The organisers chat to the Music Service team

A damp Haaner Sommer festival continues

Graffiti in the park

The lobby of Solingen Bahnhof station

Klingenstadt on a subway wall

Silver graffiti on a derelict building

More graffiti on a trackside building

Back at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

Bakery products at the railway station

A curious statue with boils all over it

Outside Düsseldorf's central station

An evening view out of the hotel window

Bells on a wall on Bismarkstraße

Time for a beer in Brauerei Schümacher

Bar life outside Schümacher's

The bar dude taps another barrel of beer

Looking out on Oststraße