A Doran Brothers traction engine from Thetford

A Doran Brothers traction engine from Thetford

A traction engine trundles around

Some engineer dudes chat near a thresher

A steam roller named Buster clanks around

A 62 Martello, or Class A1X

We have a go on the Victorian gallopers

A collection of traction engines

A dude tends to his Ransome's, Simms and Jeffries

An engine called Oliver

The narrow-guage Marchlyn

The engine drivers stop for a tea

Isobel and Harry on the Fen line

There's a queue for the gallopers

The Ransomes, Simms and Jeffries engine

A tiny engine actually has a number plate

Hanging around near the carousel

The train heads into the woods

Near the end of the line

Another engine with another driver

The traction engine is still trundling around

The Quarry Hunslet engine Jack Lane

Another view of 662 Southern Martello

Harry and Isobel cross the tracks

The shiny Jack Lane, built in 2006

The enormous V. Kirk engine

Isobel and Harry do the old-time penny arcade

Isobel has a go on a Mills penny one-armed bandit

Marchlyn and Gwynedd form a double header

We catch up with the Fen Line train

The driver of Marchlyn gives us a wave

All four narrow-guage engines are lined up

The engine drivers hang around on Mavis

The drivers saddle up

Gwynedd gets ready to return to the sheds

A traction engine is parked up by the loco sheds

Harry does some moves with his plastic katana

Chatting by the engines

The real Jones's butchers van from Dads Army

Cool Eye Show plaques from the 1980s

Possibly the most rubbish bike path, on the A143

The view down into Botesdale Street

The Rickinghall Bell

The Bell Inn seems to have expended a lot

A view past the War Memorial

Botesdale's village hall

The Cross Keys at Redgrave