St. Mary's missing tower, which collapsed in 1730

St. Mary's missing tower, which collapsed in 1730

The structure of the church is a bit of a mash up

There's all sorts going on in the east wall

The nave and its 15th century rood screen

A kneeler dedicated to the Mellis Railway pub

Funky swirls of colour in the nave window

A Saxon-style door in a blocked arch

Fragments of Mediaeval glass in a south-east window

Harry waits outside the village hall in Brome

The Wild Flour van is doing our pizzas

Fred waits for someone to turn up to open the hall

Harry meets a big dog

The village hall's bar has been nicely done up

Isobel, Harry and Fred are at the bar

Harry looks over as Isobel cues up some tunes

Fred and Harry play a game of pool

Fred racks up for another game of stick

One of our games is a bit one-sided

The hall is getting some insulation installed

Euro Foods - once a Victoria Wines - has closed

The new genetic sculpture by the Mere

Two girls stage a 'save the planet' protest

Bunting's out in the Market Place

There are some new big cacti in the popup shop

Fred considers some smaller cacti

The old-people's homes are in progress

Old-people apartments near Morrisons

Over at Chickens', Harry plays with Pepper the dog