The boarded-up Trowel and Hammer pub

The boarded-up Trowel and Hammer pub

The sad sight of a closed-down pub in Cotton

Charlie's briefly behind the bar in the Yaxley Tree

Pablo the dachsund meets another dog

Lucy - the one-eyed cat - comes for a walk

The cat hesitates as we get too far out of range

Isobel heads to the old B1077 road

Someone has twatted the sound-proof fence

Isobel and Fred by the new farm shop

Fen Farm Dairy's pop-up-style shop

Some of the 1943 concrete runway

The village green in Burgate

Remains of the old A143 near Botesdale

The derelict water tower at New Waters

Derelict buildings at Magpie Green

A stone marks the Wortham Tithe War of 1934

The church of St. Mary the Virgin, Wortham

The nave of St. Mary the Virgin

The collapsed tower of the church

Nosher's bike leans by the lych gate

The closed-down former Dolphin pub in Wortham

Inside the Wortham Dolphin

The Dolphin's side room

A bit of the old A143, bypassed a few metres away

The Cherry Tree in Yaxley is up for lease

The new mega-estate off Castleton Way in Eye

Eye's first-ever roundabout on Castleton Way

A C-17 Globemaster and A400M fly over

A voyager followed by an RC-135W Rivet Joint

A squadron of Typhoons bring up the rear