The rebuilt dormer roof takes shape

The rebuilt dormer roof takes shape

Fred's latest batch of home-made sushi

Harry shows off his robot at The Bank in Eye

Millie swings around as we dig for aircraft bits

Fred wanders off as more detecting occurs

Harry has a bit of a dig

The investigators on the field

The original crash site and burned-out airframe

Clive finds a stainless steel clip from the plane

Some of our finds, including .50-cal bullets

Mick's at the bar at the Yaxley Cherry Tree

Empty land in Queen Anne's Quarter in Norwich

A closed-down kebab shop in King Street

Isobel wanders up King Street

On Opie Street in Norwich

Random street tags

A statue of Amelia Opie, on Opie Street

A young lad plays some amazing trumpet

In the lanes of Norwich Market

Isobel browses in the wool shop on the market

A quieter lane behind Orient Express

A big stack of colourful wool

The Cheeseman cheese stall

There's a big Ukraine protest outside City Hall

People sing for Ukraine

More Ukrainian flag waving outside City Hall

Isobel looks at plants

Lower Goat Lane in Norwich

Pottergate - now largely pedestrianised

Isobel roams around in St. Gregory's antiques

A vintage one-armed bandit

A small parking area has been closed off

The Tesco Express on Guildhall Hill has gone

There's some sort of cosplay going on

An amusing shop sign on Gentleman's Walk

The view from the scaffolding

The roof is finished, complete with re-used gutters

Another view from up on the roof